bratislava River Cruise Guide: A new Alert, Along with 5 Best Boat Trips

bratislava River Cruise: Just like choosing a cafe, cruising the Vienna Danube opens up a confusing choice. Do you like lush scenery over contemporary architecture? Benefit from the thrill of top speed transport or rather a stylish cruise ship, or chilling in a little ‘Zille ‘? One thing is for sure: You need to be selective to enjoy a vessel ride on Donau. Visit for travsel info about Bratislava

Why Not All bratislava River Cruises Tick The Box
Unlike Johann Strauss’s Danube waltz and most boat tour operators, the Danube river in Vienna isn’t always as scenic since you may expect, not to mention of blue color. Unlike in Budapest, the Danube doesn’t cross the city center. Instead, it separates the next district Leopoldstadt from the 21st district of Floridsdorf. This means that a city cruise on the Danube usually introduces guests to the industrial charms of Handelskai in Leopoldstadt, and the contemporary high-rise buildings of Donau City on the Floridsdorf side. Hence, most city cruises are the more central Danube Canal, which highlights more landmarks. If you consider a Vienna river cruise, just adapt your expectations and go for a short evening cruise with soft light.

In the event that you ask me, the very best area for a truly scenic Danube river tour is UNESCO World Heritage site Wachau Valley. A top alternative is to travel to Bratislava, where you could choose between a majestic Danube cruise along the whole Vienna stretch to Bratislava, and an exciting top speed catamaran whizz. Here is my boiled down guide to the very best boat trips on the Donau.

1. Wachau boat trip
Boat trips: Wachau shipFor a truly scenic Danube boat trip, consider cruising through UNESCO World heritage site Wachau Valley. The Wachau has earned a devote European history as the site where medieval crusader King Richard Lionheart was imprisoned at Dürnstein castle. Some boat trips also permit you to explore baroque Melk Abbey, another UNESCO World Heritage site. Besides, the Wachau is the home of award winning Austrian wine and of everything apricot. And it’s where you could float in a Zille! More info on performing a Wachau boat trip.

2. City Evening Cruise
Boat Trips: UN Headquarters, Vienna DanubeAs mentioned, going for a classical Vienna river cruise connects you first and foremost with contemporary sites. The boat ride departs from the Danube canal at the north-eastern edge of the city centre. The most impressive site through the Vienna Danube Evening Cruise may be the United Nations building, the funniest Hundertwasser’s Kunsthaus, and the most relaxing the Prater woodlands and Danube Island. Do also look out for Otto Wagner’s modernist Schutzenhaus, and the Zaha Hadid university library. At the top, you’ll get to use the Otto-Wagner designed lock at Nussdorf! Visit for more information about gran bratislava boat and cruise tours.

3. Vienna To Bratislava Day Cruise
Boat trips: Vienna DanubeIn no other local day cruise the Danube shores change face so vividly as during this very day trip. Personally, the very best bit for me personally is passing through the Danube National Park. But cruising along Vienna’s favourite recreation spot Danube Island (see photo) can be quite fun. When you leave Vienna you will pass the Danube lock at Freudenau. Some find this tedious but however it’s just 20 minutes during a couple of hours of Vienna river cruise.

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