iSalus AnywhereCare Telehealth Solution Now Accessible Through GoodTherapy

The spread of the coronavirus pandemic (also known as COVID-19) has brought rapid change that is felt throughout all industries in the United States and globally. As businesses, organizations, and events are temporarily shutting down, mental health professionals may have also been compelled to cancel their in-person sessions.

Therapists everywhere are looking to move to an online telehealth solution as quickly as possible. It is vital to maintain consistency with clients during uncertain and high-anxiety times. For clients who require frequent support, failure to have their care needs met can be extremely troubling. Not only this, but therapists must continue to produce revenue to avoid financial stress and secure the future of their practice. This swift implementation of telehealth therapy, or teletherapy, has many therapists wondering where to start.

GoodTherapy understands this is a challenging time for many mental health professionals. In an effort to help providers during this troubling season, GoodTherapy has partnered with iSalus AnywhereCare to deliver the community a quality telehealth solution.

Therapists using GoodTherapy can utilize iSalus AnywhereCare to start offering a telehealth solution, free on select plans*, to their clients in need. personal failures

The benefits of iSalus AnywhereCare include:

1. Guaranteed Privacy and Security
iSalus AnywhereCare offers 100% patient privacy for secure therapy sessions. This is not guaranteed when using other telehealth providers who have major risk threats due to the use of unsafe social media platforms or unstable software programs. AnywhereCare will make sure you and your clients are protected while operating online.

2. Sustainable for Small Practices
As small practices search for a telehealth solution that will prevent financial strain, AnywhereCare offers a sustainable option that your practice can continue to use once the spread of the coronavirus slows and ends.

3. Accessible to Clients When They Need It Most
Patients who require consistent and regular attention from their therapists can now continue to seek help through this confusing time. When clients are battling isolation, their mental health provider is still available when they need them most through this telehealth solution.

4. Compliant with State and Federal Regulations
AnywhereCare will never put you or your practice at risk in regard to state and federal laws on telehealth technology. Through the use of this telehealth solution, you can remain compliant with all rules and regulations.

5. Seamless and Simple Implementation
Different telehealth solutions can be difficult to understand and laborious to implement. iSalus AnywhereCare, now available through GoodTherapy, hopes to make this process as seamless as possible so that you can get back to focusing your attention on your clients.


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