Songwriting For starters – How to be your Songwriter plus Make money

1. Master The Art Of Writing Songs

Obviously the first faltering step to achieving success as a songwriter is to master the art of writing songs. There are many songwriting websites and books on the market, packed full of information and lessons, that may guide you in the proper direction. But don’t forget, you can read all of the song writing books you would like but there’s no better method of learning than getting stuck in and actually writing songs. The more the higher!

2. Read Up On How The Music Industry Works

If your planning to enter an industry, it’s important to understand just as much about it as you possibly can, especially the music industry¬†tekashi 69 net worth¬†(which is an extremely cut throat industry). Some important facets of the music business that you need to take up to speed are topics such as; Music Royalties, Copyright, Songwriting Contracts, Record Labels & Publishing Companies.

3. Build A Home Recording Studio

Dont Worry! This doesn’t mean you have to pay tens and thousands of dollars developing a recording studio in your home. With the advances in technology you can make a great sounding home recording studio for less than $500 dollars. All that’s necessary is a computer, an audio interface, music sequencing software, a microphone and some instruments. Then you’re ready to get going and start recording your songs.

4. Join A Songwriters Organisation

Joining a songwriters organisation is incredibly advantageous to any songwriter, especially a beginner songwriter. Everything you get from joining is guidance, support, music industry contacts and collaberation contacts. Just Google “songwriting organisation” to locate your neighborhood organisation to join.

5. Record A 3 Song Demo

Pick 3 of your very best songs and record a demo. When picking your songs it’s vital that you think about certain questions such as; Has got the song got commercial potential? Is the song short enough for radio airplay? Has got the song got a catchy chorus or hook? If you answer yes to these questions then it’s time to obtain them recorded.

6. Pick The Right Labels To Submit Your Songs

If you acquire the book “songwriters market” you may find a very comprehensive list of record labels and music publishing companies to submit your songs to. The list tells you about each companies submission policies and what type of music they want. So before sending off your demo’s make sure you consider each companies rules or your music will end up in the trash!

7. Play The Game!

After submitting you music you will begin to see some responses from companies. It’s vital that you weigh up your offers and before singing anything, make sure you get yourself a music attorney to check on the contract.

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