The Tour Manual in order to Regal Yacht Britannia within Edinburgh Scotland

The Royal Yacht Britannia is Leith’s most widely used attraction. Great Britain has had a very good reference to the seas and oceans for centuries. Plan your trip for a tour of the iconic royal yacht Britannia in the beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland. Rated as one of the top 5 tourist attractions in the UK, this is truly a must-visit place. Listed here is a brief information about the story of this royal vessel, activities and things to complete, along with the facilities it has to offer Visit for travsel info about edinburgh.

Story of Royal Yacht Britannia
The British royal family too has exactly the same long history of seafaring. HMY Mary (HMY standing for His or Her Majesty’s Yacht) was the first official royal yacht. It was gifted by the Dutch to Charles II in 1660. Within the centuries, the British monarchy has used 83 royal yachts including the current one, the HMY Britannia, also referred to as The Royal Yacht Britannia. Though the Royal Yacht Britannia was decommissioned from royal service in 1997 and despite some efforts to acquire a new one, there’s been no replacement for it so far. Using its seafaring days long over, The Royal Yacht Britannia remains an essential bit of history. It provides sneak preview of the royal life with interesting stories behind it.

First Royal Yacht Made for Ocean Travel
Royal Yacht Britannia was the first royal vessel which was designed for travel across oceans. John Brown & company built it in a Clydebank shipyard. It is also regarded for building famous liners Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary. With 12,000 horsepower to propel it in the oceans, the ship could sail at the max — speed of 22.5 knots that has been quite reasonable. Before its commissioning, the royal family used the British Naval ships or even passenger liners because of their sea travel during royal tours over the commonwealth. The Royal Yacht Britannia was in royal service for 44 years and traveled 1.1 million miles throughout its life span in royal service.

Commissioned Just Two Days before The Death of King George VI
The notion of having an ocean capable royal vessel was conceived. So that the royals could comfortably tour their far-flung commonwealth and with the belief that travelling may improve the failing health of the reigning King. Just two days after the order was placed to the shipbuilders, John Brown Shipyard in Scotland, the King died on 6th Feb. 1952. The ship was built-in little over per year and was officially named only during its launch in April 1953. It was just 8 weeks before the newest monarch, and Queen Elizabeth was coronated. The ship was named Royal Yacht Britannia by the Queen who toasted it by opening a wine as Champagne was considered very extravagant for celebrating the launch ceremony of a ship at that time.

Designed to Double as A Hospital
Envisioned to be built less than a decade post-WWII, the ship designers planned to construct the ship as functional as you can such that it could possibly be transformed from an elegant ocean liner to a seafaring floating hospital during wartime. As a result, the key veranda was spaced wider and re-enforced to support helicopter landing. The laundry area was made much bigger than naval vessels to allow for wounded soldiers in case of a war. The ship was never actually employed for that purpose though. However, Royal Yacht Britannia was put to service for a mission to rescue European nationals from Yamen in 1986.

Home to A Large amount of History
The Royal Yacht Britannia had many pieces of history on it. The white and gold binnacle in the ship’s verandah was acquired from HMY Royal George, which served Queen Victoria. A number of the Queen’s bedroom linens were originally designed for her bed aboard older royal yacht.Royal Yacht Britannia had its tyre lifted from its namesake racing yacht HMY Britannia which was built-in 1893 for King Edward VII.

Redesigned to be Less Opulent
Inspite of the sense of opulent luxury that a royal yacht exuberates, the Queen and Prince Philip, the interior plans by the ship’s original interior designers found it too lavish for a country. Still dealing with war, it got redesigned by Sir Huge Casson. The ship in her 44 years of service has received minimal updates throughout Visit for travsel info about edinburgh.

Has Homely Touches by Royal Standards
The low-key royal living is just a fairly high class by any standards on the Royal Yacht Britannia. The floating royal home has a 56-seat state dining area which has hosted famous brands Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, many US Presidents and has a conventional staircase where in actuality the Queen would greet her guests. It has separate bedrooms and sitting rooms for both Queen and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh and a telephone system with similar configurations as Buckingham palace systems. During her earlier years, The Royal Yacht Britannia used to transport the Queen’s car, a Rolls Royce Phantom V, in a special garage compartment. The room being slightly small, the car’s bumpers used to be dismantled for storage to avoid damage and refitted at the port of call. While the Queen started utilizing the car provided for her at the port, this space was transformed into a storage space for beer.

A Royal Honeymoon Essential
Four royal couples, starting from Princess Margaret & Anthony Armstrong Jones in 1960, have celebrated their honeymoons in the honeymoon suite of Royal Yacht Britannia. Here is the only room aboard that includes a double bed. Ever since then, Princess Anne and Capt. Mark Phillips, in 1973, Prince Charles & Princess Diana in 1981, and Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have famously traveled on The Royal Yacht Britannia because of their respective honeymoons. Stories of those tours abound with person who got the ship its nickname “the ghost ship” owing to the crew that ducked the press so effectively during the Mediterranean honeymoon cruise of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

A Family Vacation Spot
Along with her diplomatic duties on frequent royal tours and as a honeymoon retreat, The Royal Yacht Britannia was also used as a vessel for family vacations. During summers, it catered to the royal family’s western Isles tour cruising around Scotland with a stopover to play games and barbeques on the islands. The tour would likewise have a stop off at Castle of Mey to visit the Queen Mother and a port of call at Aberdeen for the Queen to visit her favorite summer home, The Balmoral Castle. Though no more used as a private yacht for tours, it still has connections with the royal family. The oldest granddaughter of the Queen, Zara Phillips, hosted a reception a night before her wedding in 2011 on the ship. The guests included all her royal cousins although Queen wasn’t in attendance.

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