What Can You Learn in This Course, You Will Learn:

AWS is an IT self-service management platform. It is designed to run applications in the cloud and is offered as an open source, cloud-based software, which is also priced competitively. AWS courses usually provide a six month course and can be taken as electives.

The six month course is meant to provide beginners with the basic knowledge of AWS and the best ways to use it. In this stage of the course students gain hands on experience of using AWS. It is a good option for all those who are not yet committed to a full time IT engagement. It helps them to learn the fundamentals of AWS, its characteristics and how to utilize its resources in order to meet a business requirement. It is a comprehensive, self-paced training program that meets the requirements of both entry level and experienced professionals.

Many free AWS courses are available on the web and through hoc aws other resources. A quick search of the internet will bring forth hundreds of free courses that teach you everything you need to know about AWS. Some of these courses also offer practice tests and associate certification exams. The best courses teach you everything you need to know about the AWS APIs, the operations and structure of AWS and the fundamentals of using AWS’s own APIs.

Most of the free courses are aimed at different parts of the user journey. It is good to know AWS from the perspective of the different services in-depth so that you are able to anticipate problems when you encounter them. You can learn how to use the different features of AWS such as S3, IaaS, shards and region by region.

The training courses at the time of writing have been reviewed by experts and the authors of the review noted several things that are worth mentioning. First, the course provides clear explanations of the key highlights of AWS. Second, the training courses cover both the basic and the intermediate level of usage for AWS. Third, the training courses cover a variety of usage models such as SaaS, Platform as a Service and web-based application development. Finally, most of the courses have set learning goals and objectives so that students can track their progress at a regular basis.

The course in this course, you will learn how to setup an AWS account, how to manage AWS accounts and how to use the AWS tools such as AWS management suite. The first section of the course focuses on the basic usage of AWS APIs. In the next section of the course, students will learn how to access and manage the different AWS regions. The final part of the course provides a comprehensive look at the different essential services offered by AWS.

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